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Educator - Reporting Center

The Reporting Center provides educators with one place to access all results and analysis of past and present surveys that have been administered in their classrooms. They can review and compare state and national numbers, along with their schools' numbers and individual classroom results. Educators are making a difference in the lives of students by providing this opportunity for them to express opinions on what they are looking for in a college.

Personalized Educator Reports

Personalized teacher reports give educators the ability to see how students responded to the survey administered in their classrooms, compared to state and national responses. All your personalized reports are located in one spot for fast, easy comparison.
Review your results today.

National Student Report to Congress

Today's nation faces vital social issues, and the opinion of our country's youth on these social issues is extremely important to our future. Compare your school's results on these issues with those of other schools nationwide. We will be sharing the results of this major study with the United State Senators.
View 2015 Report    View 2014 Report    View 2011 Report    View 2010 Report

Presidential Research Results

With this report, educators are able to see how their students would have voted in the Presidential election. The report is broken down into classroom, state, and national results so educators can see how their classrooms stack up to the state and national levels.
View 2016 Interactive Report     View 2016 Spring Report
View 2012 Fall Report     View 2012 Spring Report
View 2008 Report