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You're in a pivotal position to make a connection between college-bound students and the colleges they seek. Among the highest priorities for today's high school counselors and teachers is directing students toward the colleges or vocations best suited to their personal needs and interests.

My College Options® Planning Program

A Valuable Tool for Teens... and Educators

Participating in the My College Options Post-Secondary Planning Survey® provides a valuable, no-cost service to college-bound teens. At the same time, it's a powerful tool for guidance counselors and teachers. By providing students with the opportunity to communicate with our nearly 1,500 member institutions, they'll be able to receive valuable information directly from colleges and universities seeking students with particular interests and qualifications. In addition to hearing from colleges and universities, your students may also hear from providers of educational products & services that may send them and their family information (such as information related to student loans and financial aid, college admissions and tutorial services, extra-curricular enrichment and recognition programs, career, employment and military opportunities, and camps, provided by non-profit organizations, companies offering educational products & services, and government agencies). My College Options will not share this information with commercial marketers offering to sell them non-education-related products and services.

Join 55,000 Other Teachers and Educators

When you administer the Post-Secondary Planning Survey, you'll be joining 55,000 teachers and guidance counselors at more than 95 percent of the country's public and private secondary schools in using the largest and most comprehensive survey of the opinions, educational needs and preferences of high school students.

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How to Order Surveys for Your Students

If you didn't receive surveys from us this year or need more surveys than we sent, you can order more online now. To get started, register with My College Options.